Krusen Capital Management was founded in January 2009. The Firm is 100% employee-owned.

Objective Perspective:
We are a fee-only advisor. We receive compensation only from our clients (no revenue-sharing with managers).
We are independent and have no affiliation with any service providers except those disclosed as our Service Partners (e.g., Auditor, Legal Counsel, Administrator, Custodian).
We are a fiduciary to our clients as required by SEC and thereby serve as their financial advocate in evaluating investment opportunities and representing their interests.
We provide institutional quality due diligence and ongoing monitoring. When considering recommending managers to our clients, we carefully evaluate various aspects of the managers' business.
Experienced and Accessible Staff:
Our team is comprised of both investment professionals as well as team members devoted to ensuring superior client servicing, including the provision of timely, concise, and customized information.
We meet regularly with our clients to better understand their investment objectives in terms of protecting capital, diversifying portfolios, and seeking higher risk-adjusted returns, and then suggest appropriate solutions.

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