Single Manager Hedge Funds
> Provide access to a single top tier hedge fund with a lower investment minimum of $100,000
> Terms mirror those of the underlying managers except for an additional 15 days redemption notice
> Allows for customization of portfolios that reflect investors' unique risk tolerances and investment expectations

Concentrated Hedge Funds of Funds
> Provide access to concentrated funds of hedge funds (3 to 5 managers) with an investment minimum of $250,000
> Redemptions implemented through liquidating sub-accounts from which distributions are ultimately made in accordance with underlying funds' distribution terms
> Customizable Fund of Funds available with an investment minimum of $5M

Liquid Portfolios
> Separately Managed Account (SMA) with minimum investment of $250,000
> Investing primarily in institutional mutual funds, ETFs and closed-end funds
> Daily liquidity, no gating, and full transparency

Private Equity Funds
> Provide access to leading investment talent and timely strategic opportunities in private equity
> Investors invest directly with the underlying private equity funds or through pooled LionHedge vehicle
> Ongoing monitoring and reporting on the funds

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